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Sixth Bamf [Voice/Action] Dated to 25th


Hey, it's your homeboy Kurt here. Er, I mean... hey, Luceti. I'm just wondering. In whatever times or worlds you all come from, what is it that you do and say to be hip and cool? Just... curious, you know.

[It might also have to do with Billy giving him a wake-up call about his "lingo".]


[Primarily for New Feathers or anyone who's occupying any house or apartment that was vacant within the last few months. Because there's an understanding in the house; to keep Rogue from complaining about fuzz in the shower drain, Kurt winds up teleporting into vacant houses and apartments to take showers.

So you may find an unexpected fuzzy man using your bathroom, unaware that someone's living there now. Can he flip his holo-watch on in time to hide his real form?

Otherwise at different points of the day, he can be found at the Battle Dome for morning training or at the item shop helping around.]
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What's wrong with just being yourself?
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Everyone has different opinions on what's cool.

But if you ask me, someone who can play a really good prank would be pretty great.
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Okay, what's the best prank you've ever pulled?